Canidae Dog and Cat Food

From the first truckload of pet food they delivered from the back of a pick-up truck, to the latest batch cooked up in their Ethos Pet Nutrition plant in Brownwood, Texas—Canidae's story is one to be proud of. They started out as an independent, family-owned company— and still is today.

"Our commitment to quality in our ingredients. And our absolute promise that what we say on the bag, is exactly what’s in the bag. We’ve been making great pet food since 1996—for our pets and yours. And we’ll keep on doing it, one bag at a time."

Their Ethos Pet Nutrition facility in Brownwood, Texas is a dream come true  and a major chapter in the Canidae story. It is a state of the art facility that puts safety and integrity first and allows for the continued the research and development of pet food formulas.

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