Orijen Pet Food.

Orijen: Biologically Appropriate™ | Fresh Regional Ingredients | Never Outsourced

Pet Guardians trust Orijen to stick to their core values. For this reason, Orijen is only available through Pet Specialty stores like us. You won't find it at Chewy, PetSmart or grocery stores. Buy Orijen at Pet Planet with confidence. 

Champion is one of the world leaders in the pet specialty segment.  They truly do make some of the best pet food on the planet.  Their Orijen line is widely considered, by many, to be the best kibble you can buy.  They focus on species appropriate and highly bio-available animal proteins to produce foods that are rich in Whole Prey proteins.  They own their own kitchen production facilities in both Canada and the USA and this ensures the top level quality control in all aspects of production. 

Nourish your dog as nature intended with ORIJEN

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